Flamenco Danza

Úrsula López y Tamara López han creado en Sevilla una escuela integral para formación de bailarines, tanto principiantes como profesionales. En flamencodanza estudio encontrarás el flamenco más puro y actual, la danza española y el ballet clásico (metodología de la Royal Academy of Dancing de Londres).

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From these pages we would like to welcome you to our exciting project flamencodanza studio, designed for those people who are passionate about the art of dance or who simply want to enjoy it at any level. Flamencodanza is sure to give you the benefits and values of the art of dance both on a personal and professional level.
We are convinced that our knowledge and experience in multiple techniques will be very useful in your formation and deep understanding of this art form. This is the way ourselves have upgraded our professional level all along our professional careers.

Indeed, we´ve had the opportunity to learn and work with the best flamenco and dance masters of our time: Antonio Gades, Pilar Lopez, Eva la Yerbabuena, Manolete, Cristina Hoyos, Aida Gómez, Manolo Marín, Javier Latorre, Jose Antonio Ruiz, Antonio Canales, Maestro Granero, Benvindo Fonseca, Victor Ullate, Ramón Oller, Teresa Nieto and many more.  All these outstanding practitioners of our art and a wide crew of colleagues with whom we have shared the stage, have transmitted us their great passion for dance.

Our deep love and utter respect for this art and all the disciplines that encompass it motivated us to face this new challenge because we want to give back to dance everything it has given us. We want to transmit everything we´ve learned, regardless if you are a beginner or a professional or if you simply want to enjoy for the pleasure of dancing.
Our hope is to become a place in which the little ones can take their first dance steps, an experience that will mean for them the acquisition of values, discipline, mind and body work that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

The philosophy of flamencodanza studio for dancers and professional bailaores and bailaoras is based upon the principle of bringing them a very comprehensive formation; given the fact that more so than ever, dancers require exploring and trying other techniques in order to achieve a full understanding of their profession.

Besides our faculty many other well-known names in the dance world will be incorporating all along the following months in order to teach different workshops. All we have left to do is welcome to our studio everyone who is passionate about dance and assure them that this is their home.

Tamara and Ursula
Directors of Flamencodanza.