Flamenco Danza

Úrsula López y Tamara López han creado en Sevilla una escuela integral para formación de bailarines, tanto principiantes como profesionales. En flamencodanza estudio encontrarás el flamenco más puro y actual, la danza española y el ballet clásico (metodología de la Royal Academy of Dancing de Londres).

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At Flamencodanza studio you will find a high performance center for dance, designed to cultivate all types of dancers whether beginner or professional. Flamencodanza offers a highly qualified faculty with a very broad pedagogic and professional trajectory. Thanks to our formation system you will be able to plan your own academic plan choosing to sign up in the different areas and levels in which we will personally assist you.

If you decide to choose the annual academic course from September 3, 2018 to June 28, 2019 or if you sign up in quartely periods and create your own registration pack you will be able to obtain large economic advantages. The academic plan will be considered such as long as the student is enrolled in a minimum of three subjects.