Flamenco Danza

Úrsula López y Tamara López han creado en Sevilla una escuela integral para formación de bailarines, tanto principiantes como profesionales. En flamencodanza estudio encontrarás el flamenco más puro y actual, la danza española y el ballet clásico (metodología de la Royal Academy of Dancing de Londres).

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The dance is an activity that provides a variety of benefits, is one of the best options for forming the basic physical capabilities in small.
It is recommended that this discipline begins to be practiced from a very early age, 4 years, that is when the locomotor apparatus of children can assimilate and internalize more easily and ease the movements and techniques of the dance.

In flamencodanza this activity provides children the opportunity to develop a positive relationship with your body, learning the fundamentals of the dance, the exploration and the game. All this in a space for expression and creativity to help you promote your self-esteem and the independent thinking. The dance awakens them new insights and helps them to learn and think in a new way. Students practice basic motor skills and the use of a variety of music and accessories that increase self-awareness, control and coordination. The classes, of simple structure and dynamics, contemplate the development of healthy bodies, strong and flexible, using and safeguarding the natural flexibility of the child for a future in the dance and other physical activities, as well as the positive development of their cognitive skills, social and emotional.

Benefits of Dance in the small:

– Improve self-esteem and reduces symptoms of stress or anxiety, increasing the confidence of the Child in itself.
– Wake up the interest in various cultural manifestations.
– Helps to overcome the “stage fright”
– El baile stimulates blood circulation and the respiratory system.
– Favors the elimination of fats.
– Contributes to correcting bad posture.
– Help to win elasticity
– Exercises the coordination, the agility of movement and balance.
– Collaborates in the muscular development and the shape of the column.
– Help to the development of the psychomotricity, to the agility and coordination of movements.
– Allows to improve the balance and reflexes.
– Can help to correct such problems as the ‘flat foot’. With ballet, the positions it adopts the foot during the class, help that little by little you correct the defect.
– Is a good technique to combat childhood obesity and cholesterol.
– Develops the corporal expression, the ear and the memory.
– Help to the socialization of children more timid and to overcome that shyness.
– Relaxs and releases adrenaline.
– The ballet stimulates the team work.

Knowing the importance of working from small the two disciplines, flamencodanza offers a special offer.

Classes are taught or directed by the own directors of the center Tamara López and Ursula López for the follow-up to the smaller ones.