Flamenco Danza

Úrsula López y Tamara López han creado en Sevilla una escuela integral para formación de bailarines, tanto principiantes como profesionales. En flamencodanza estudio encontrarás el flamenco más puro y actual, la danza española y el ballet clásico (metodología de la Royal Academy of Dancing de Londres).

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Ursula López was born in Montilla (Córdoba).  She began her academic formation at a very young age, graduating both in classical Spanish dance and ballet and soon traveled to Seville to pursue her studies in the discipline of flamenco with great masters such as Manolete and Manolo Marín, being the latter one who initiated her in her professional career in the opera Carmen under the direction of Carlos Saura.
In 1996 she became a member of the Compañía Andaluza de Danza, where she remained during eight years. She participated as a soloist in all the performances, traveling through the world´s main festivals and theaters. Some of these works include “El Perro Andaluz” by Maria Pagés, “La Vida Breve” by Jose Antonio for the inauguration of Madrid´s Royal Theatre, “Latido Flamenco” by Manolete, “Cosas de Payos” by Javier Latorre, “Ramito de Locura” by Javier Barón, “Dharma” by Eva la Yerbabuena and “Bodas de Sangre” in one of Antonio Gadés latest works interpreting the exemplary part of “The Woman” for Granada´s Festival.
Ursula also succeeded in the Seville´s Flamenco Biennial in 2004 with the works of ”Don Juan Flamenco”, with Rafael Campallo and “Asimetrías” by Andrés Marín.
In November of 2004 Ursula became a guest artist of the “Ballet Nacional de España” where she remained until 2006, touring during this time the show “La Leyenda” and “Café de Chinitas” under the direction of Jose Antonio Ruiz.
In 2007 Ursula started her own company and released her first work “Abriendo Camino” for the 2007 Flamenco Festival of Jerez.
In 2008 she came back to the festival in the production “Flamenco se escribe con jota” with Miguel Angel Berna and Rafael Campallo.
She collaborated with Joaquín Grilo in “Belmonte” receiving the audience award in the Flamenco Festival of Jerez in 2010.
In September 2012 she released along with her company the new production “La Otra Piel” in the Flamenco Biennial of Seville, show that was also performed in the Villamarta theatre for the Jerez Flamenco Festival in 2013 with great success among the critics and the audience.
Ursula participated with David Peña (Dorantes) and Javier Ruibal in a very interesting concept and artistic dialogue called “InterAcción”.
Her latest performances in Moscow, Zaragoza, Kiev (Ukraine), Bucharest, Chisinau (Moldavia), Cordoba, Amsterdam and her next participation in the Fourth “Festival Iberica Contemporánea” in Querétaro México are intertwined with teaching by giving workshops all over the world not to mention in “Flamencodanza Studio”, her own school in Seville.